Foot File

The foot file

Foot file

A foot file is a “must have”-tool when you are dealing with smelly feet. The dry skin and calluses on your feet will collect moisture from sweat, and become a perfect warm and moist environment for bacteria which produce the foul stench we’re try to remove.

Some bacteria also feed on the dead skin itself, so it is absolutely essential too keep dead skin  to a minimum.

Using a foot file

There are two ways to use a foot file. Either when your feet is dry, or when the feet are wet. Personally I prefer to use the file on dry feet, as i tend to file my feet too deep without noticing when wet.

If you file your feet too deep, the skin will become red and irritated. This causes your feet to sweat more, and that will definitely not help your problem!

I recommend you file your feet dry, and then use a pumice stone either after a shower or a foot bath. This will make your feet super-smooth and clean!

Buying a foot file


Microplane foot file

Foot files can be found in many varieties, and finding the right one will save you a lot of time and hard work. A foot file needs to be efficient, yet gentle, and it is practical if it have a system for collecting most of the filings.

I would suggest you buy a foot file with a blade made from steel, due to the durability. Some files are just handles with sand paper, and those wont last very long before you have to buy a new one. These files are also very fine, and using these files can be quite time consuming.

My favorite is a foot file from Microplane. Microplane makes professional grade, and are made very durable and efficient. The handle made is of plastic, and the blade is made of surgical grade stainless steel. This means it can be used on wet and dry skin and no pre-treatments are required. Quickly Removes dry skin and calluses into fine dust-like particles which is collected in a small compartment.

You can order this files at at good price from Yes, there are cheaper files, but you should NOT try to save on the foot file. This file last a long time, and you would probably never change to another brand after you try this.

You can click the image to check it out at Amazon. You can find other files from Microplane here.