Foot odor explained – Why does my feet smell!?

Foot odor explained – Why does my feet smell!?

foot odor

foot odor

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Why does your feet stink, where does the foul foot odor come from? The answer is quite simple: BACTERIA!

“Wait!?”, you might ask, “Doesn’t it come from foot sweat!?”. The short answer? Well… kinda. Foot sweat, like all sweat, is odorless by itself. but it creates a beneficial environment for bacteria to grow.

These bacteria are naturally present on our skin as part of the human flora, and produces the foul odor that gives you smelly feet.

There is also a bacteria that feed of dead skin. This bacteria gives a distinct foot odor  that is described as ammonia-like and/or sulfuric. Fun Fact: This bacteria (Brevibacterium) is also used to ferment several cheeses such as Munster, Limburger, Port-du-Salut, Raclette, Livarot, Pont l’Eveque and Năsal. It also attracts mosquitoes! 

Foot odor can also be caused by medical conditions. We have dedicated an own section on the website for these medical problems. It might be worth a visit to see if something fits.

Treatments/advises to reduce foot odor

These bacteria are naturally present on our skin as part of the human flora, so we can’t run from them or remove them for good. That is also why there is no miracle cure for smelly feet!

So what have we learned? How do we reduce the foot odor?

  • Keep your feet as clean as possible to reduce bacteria
  • Try to avoid foot sweat, because foot sweat creates a good environment for bacteria
  • Reduce the amount of dead skin on your feet, as there is a smelly bacteria that feeds on it

This website is dedicated to people that have problems with foot odor. I know how smelly feet can reduce the quality of life, and that the social humiliation of being the stinky feet guy/girl can swallow you whole. There is no need for going through that embarrassment!

I promise, that if you follow the advice given on this website, your foot odor problems will be greatly reduced or even gone for good! Click here to go to the solution right away