Pumice Stone

pumice stone

pumice stone

A pumice stone is used to remove dead skin, and leaves the skin smooth and soft when used on a daily basis. A pumice stone is one of the most important tools when it comes to keep your feet clean!

Smooth skin is easier to keep clean, and removing dead skin avoids sweat and bacteria being captured in dry dead skin. The foul odor comes from when bacteria feed on the sweat, causing stinky feet.

I suggest using the stone on wet feet at the end of every bath/shower.

  1. First soap the foot. The soap clean the foot, acts like a lubricant, and makes sure the dead skin is easily washed of afterwards.
  2. Rub your feet with the pumice stone until the foot feels smooth
  3. Rinse your foot, and repeat on the other foot.

Buying a pumice stone

There are many variations on the marked, and many of them aren’t even real stones! Some are made from a material that is similar to Styrofoam, and not only are they ineffective, but they will also dissolve in a short time.

I will suggest that you buy a natural stone which will last for a long time, and at the same time does the job its supposed to do!

Pumice stones can be bought in many varieties from Amazon.com, but we recommend this one (click the picture to check the product at amazon):