The solution

Stinky feet solution

As I’ve said before, there is no miracle cure out there. However, following these easy(!) steps you WILL find peace and a solution to the problem. Persistence is the absolute key here! Do this routine until the foot odor goes away , and keep at it to keep the smell away.

You need the following:

  • A GOOD foot file
  • A pumice stone
  • A Brush
  • Nail clippers

If you’re not familiar with these products, or you are embarrassed to buy it,  you will find suggestions and links on this website where you can buy it online. All products recommended are tested and are guaranteed to be top notch! 

Every 1-2 weeks:

  1. Clip your toe nails if needed.
  2. File your feet with the foot file. Remove as much dead skin and calluses as possible, without filing too deep.
  3. Take a shower/bath/foot bath until your feet get soaked.
  4.  Soap your feet. Preferably with a brush. Make sure you foot are good and foamy!
  5.  Use the pumice stone, and scrub your feet smooth and clean. The soap will act like a lubrication, making this a gentle process.

Every day: 

  1. At the end of your daily shower, soap your feet as described above.
  2. Scrub your feet with the pumice stone

Other tips:

  • Change socks at least once a day
  • Change shoes as often as possible. Keep at least 2 pairs of everyday shoes
  • Don’t wear too tight shoes
  • Give your feet fresh air as often as possible
  • Pay extra attention to your everyday routine after a workout
  • Do NOT give up! This WILL work! Have faith! Keep at it for as long as it takes!